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Candy Questions

How much oil do you add to thin candy melts?

Angelyn - from Whittier , CA

Can I use candy melts instead of chocolate chips?

Melanie - from Colton, CA

What are some things that I can do with Candy Melts Candy?

Mariam - from Bogota, Colombia

Can left over melted Candy Melt Candy reused and how should it be stored?

Sandra - from Stoughton, MA

Your recipe for Candy Clay calls for 1 bag of Candy Melts equal to 14 oz. The Wilton Candy Melts I purchased are 12 oz to the bag. Would I still add the same amount of corn syrup?

Jacki - from Laurel, MD

When using Candy Melts how can I thin it so I can drizzle it on top of the cake pops?

Theresa - from Buffalo, KY

When covering cake balls, I am having a hard time with the chocolate hardening too quickly. I was told to temper a good quality chocolate instead. Can you please help?

Lee Ann - from fulshear, TX

Is there any way that the candy clay recipe might work using confectioner's coating?

Marian - from Mexico City, Mexico City

Our local PBS station has stopped airing your show. How should i approach this? I really miss it.

linda - from sharpsville, PA

I lost the recipe that you had on one of your shows. It was "chocolate clay". You could color it and roll it and form it into different shapes. Help!

Margaret - from Nanuet, NY

I am looking for the candy mold to do the "basket of fruit" project. I tried Wilton and they only carry a 10-pack candy mold set that does not include the pear & banana, just the strawberry. Please let me know where I can find these mold. I really want to do this basket.

Daisy - from Canovanas, Puerto Rico

You made a monkey lolipop cake. Where did you get the mold for the monkey?

cathy - from hanover, PA

What kind of icing or chocolate do you use for your cake pops on the show?

Edna - from San francisco, CA

I once tried making one of your Candy Melt Recipes, except they did not harden! What could I add to make them hard next time?

Nelly - from Pleasanton, CA

What is a good, easy truffle recipe?

Rachel - from Newton, KS

Where I come from I can't buy Candy Melts, what can I use instead for different recipes that call for all-colors Candy Melts? For example I want to try your colorful Thumbprint Cookies.

Alexa - from San José, Costa Rica

I was wondering if Candy Melts are easier to use than chocolate? I get annoyed at the waste from chocolate as it starts to set half way through a project, and has to be rescued. If Candy Melts don't become so bothersome, then thats the way for me. Please could you help?

claire - from durham, uk

Can I use royal icing instead of Candy Melts for the cake pops or do I use thinned buttercream?

Neikhila - from Katy, TX

I have an old candy recipe which calls for parawax. It seems this isn't really something we should be eating. One article I found recommended using chocolate with added cocoa butter marketed especially for dipping candies. Are you able to recommend a "recipe" for dipping chocolate that either uses the "right" kind of chocolate or a combination of ingredients for a dipping chocolate that will mimic the way the wax solidifies the chocolate so it remains firm at room temp and still has that nice shiny look to the finish?

robyn - from Sacramento, CA

How do you make chocolate curls?

Julia - from Glendora, CA

Please help!!! I melted white chocolate, (using milk occasionally to help melt it)and used food coloring to color it different colors. I filled up a cookie candy mold but instead of putting a sandwhich cookie in, I just filled the mold up to the top. After it hardened I tried taking them out but they were stuck!! Please help and tell me what I did wrong!

Lidia - from chicago, IL

Will chocolate decorations melt if left on buttercream icing? I want to decorate my granddaughter's birthday cake the day before her party. Will the candy melt?

nancy tuman - from fox river grove, IL

What is the best way to clean the artist's brushes used for decorating candy?

Lee - from Houston, TX

Will cake pops, dipped in candy melts, melt at an outdoor party on a hot day?

Heather - from Covington, OH

Hi Nancy, Can candy wafers be flavored with some kind of flavoring like vanilla or almond extract?

Maryanne - from Milwaukee, WI

How far ahead can you make brownie pops, cookie pops and pops made wih candy melts?

Lisa - from philadelphia, PA

Can I use the regular icing colors to color candy melts? Thank you.

Jaye - from West Covina, CA

How do you get the melted candy coating on "pops" to look so shiney? I do add shortening to the melted Wilton candy melts to thin out and thought this might make them shiney, but they are nothing like what I see in my Wilton Pops book or the pics posted. Thank you so much.

Julie - from St. Louis, MO

I am at my wits end. I would like to make cupcakes with either a figure or flower decoration on top. The decoration should be able to hold up and stay that way without being too hard like royal icing. What kind of frosting recipe do you recommend? It’s for my daughter’s birthday party.

Sherry - from Denmark, Denmark

Can you be more specific with recipes? For instance for a candy recipe, you mention to color the Candy Melts – what is the best method when dealing with Candy Melts? I also want the back of the candy smooth. I tried swirling a stick to spread it better.

Skhy - from Brooklyn, NY

Can you make the chocolate “candy clay” with any flavor or color of Candy Melts?

Kelli - from Spokane, WA

Can melted Candy Melts be stored and reused?

Marilyn - from Houston, PA

Can I use icing colors to color Candy Melts?

Joyce - from Chicago, IL

My mom always made homemade candy using fondant, and I am now making it. I cook the mixture to soft ball stage, then let it cool a little before beating it until it turns white. Is the fondant for cakes and candy different?

Rich - from Sacramento, CA

What is the difference between Chocolate and Candy Melts?

Tina - from Lufkin, TX

We LOVE your show but our local PBS station doesn’t always air it so I have to rely on your website. My question is I have packages of both chocolate flavored bark and vanilla flavored bark. What exactly is “bark” and what can I do with it? Keep up the fantastic job that you do. It is a very educational show!!

Janis - from Defiance, MO

How can I make dark blue with Candy Melts? Please help!

Mayra - from Redlands, CA

I want to make chocolate lollipops for wedding favors at my reception. If I use Candy Melts, will liquid flavoring keep the lollipops from setting? What is a good amount of flavoring to use?

Sarah - from Gatesville, NC

On one of your shows, you made flower shaped cookies, then placed them in what looked like a white chocolate flower pot/vase? Can you tell me where I can find instructions for making this?

Flora - from Rochester, NY

Can you use white Candy Melts instead of white baking chips for White Chocolate Buttercream?

Diana - from Moca, Puerto Rico

Can Pearl Dust be used on candy?

Joanne - from Miller Place, NY

Can you thin melted Candy Melts? Some of the candies I make are so detailed, I just need small amounts that are hard to get when the candy is thick.

Lee Ann - from Allegany, NY

I have two weddings coming up. I am trying to save money by making mints ahead of time. Do you have an easy recipe for mints that I can put into molds, with different colors, flavors and shapes thanks!

Sarah - from Nortonville, KS

Nancy, is it possible to add color to Candy Melts®?

Randi - from Millbury, OH

How can I make the chocolate leaves you used to decorate your cake?

Jean - from Williamston, SC

Can you use chocolate chips instead of candy melts for making candy shells?

Charlynn - from Auburn, CA

When using fresh strawberries as a filling instead of preserves, how do you keep them from bleeding?

Shirley - from Chicago, IL

When I make chocolate-covered spoons, using melted chocolate chips or baking chocolate, it dries with a whitish layer on top. What can I do to prevent this?

meme - from saskatoon, sk

Where and how should I store Candy Melt™ candies? How long will the candies last?

Carmen Santos - from Cayey, Puerto Rico

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