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Storage Questions

I decorated a small wedding cake with butter cream and then I stenciled patterns using royal icing 24 hours before celebration. Can I keep the cake into the fridge for 24 hours?

Maryam - from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How long can spritz cookie dough be stored in refrigerator?

Kathy - from Williamstown, NJ

Which cakes stayfresher for longer? I want to make a chocolate and vanilla wedding cake and need to know what ingredients keeps a cake fresher.

DIANNE - from pietermaritzbur, south africa

Can I freeze heavy whipping cream in its original container and for how long? i never use up all the cream and would like to freeze it to use for another occasion.

Mary - from Charleston , SC

Our local PBS station has stopped airing your show. How should i approach this? I really miss it.

linda - from sharpsville, PA

Can buttercream roses be stored in a cotainer and not refrigerated or in freezer?

sheila - from houston, TX

How long can I store my fondant? It is homemade with marshmallows. Also, how do I exactly store it ?

Maha - from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Can cookies decorated with color flow icing be frozen and if so, for how long?

Lois - from Borden, Prince Edward Island

Will chocolate decorations melt if left on buttercream icing? I want to decorate my granddaughter's birthday cake the day before her party. Will the candy melt?

nancy tuman - from fox river grove, IL

Can you freeze sugar cookies decorated with buttercream icing?

Martha - from north augusta, SC

I am new to cake decorating. I have your DVD Bake, Decorate, Celebrate but I did not find the answer to my question on it. Can I bake cakes and freeze them ahead of time ? With or without frosting ? How long can they be frozen before I must use them ?

Linda - from Marshalltown, IA

How long can the Wilton Buttercream remain outside of the refrigerator?

Sandra - from Airmont, NY

1. Hello! Can cream cheese frosting filled cakes covered in fondant sit at room temp? If so, for how long? Can you give us examples of fillings that are considered “perishable” and examples of fillings that, when the cake’s covered in fondant, can sit out at room temp? Many thanks! Have a wonderful week ahead.

Heavenly Frostings - from North Hollywood, CA

Will cake pops, dipped in candy melts, melt at an outdoor party on a hot day?

Heather - from Covington, OH

What is the best way to clean the artist's brushes used for decorating candy?

Lee - from Houston, TX

I'm making a buttercream frosted wedding cake top as a gift for a friends wedding in August to be eaten on their one year anniversary. Will the cake and frosting still be edible if frozen?

melissa - from coal township, PA

If I make buttercream with powdered meringue and water does it need refrigeration? I am planning to make the day before and serve the next evening. Thanks so much! Great web site!

Cinde - from Dayton, IN

Hi, I want to make fondant cut out like flowers and allow them to dry. How long can I keep the flowers before I put on the cake. Also if I have more flowers than I need, can I store them for future use (like the royal icing flowers, which can be stored for months)?

Sowmya - from Redmond, WA

How far ahead can you make brownie pops, cookie pops and pops made wih candy melts?

Lisa - from philadelphia, PA

We are plannng to have red velvet cupcakes (100)for our wedding. My plan would be to make the cupcake 3 weeks in advance, freeze them, then bring them out a week before the wedding, decorate them while frozen with a buttercream icing freeze them in containers. Take the cupcakes out of the freezer a day before the wedding and keep them cool until setting up. Would this work?

Darlene - from yellowknife nt, Canada

Can buttercream flowers be frozen for later use and will they soften upon thawing?

Ummul - from Sarawak, Malaysia

How much time before using, can I make the chocolate buttercream icing?

sandra - from progreso, TX

Can I put fondant accents on a cake iced with Wilton Whipped Icing? Also, since this icing typically needs to be refrigerated, can I put a cake with fondant accents in the refrigerator?

Roseanne - from Syracuse, NY

How long can I keep decorated cupcakes at room temperature with buttercream or fondant? And if I store them in the refrigerator, when I put them out will they be the same?

hanna - from caracas, distrito capital

Hi Nancy, how long does fondant last?

Sylvia - from Oakland, CA

Can I freeze my cupcakes or cakes without decorations?

Fabiana - from Lake Dallas, TX

Hi Nancy, can I freeze the flowers made from royal icing? Will they crack?

Alison - from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

How long can Buttercream Icing and Bavarian Cream Filling be stored in the refrigerator?

Kerry - from Port Arthur, TX

Once you have your royal icing flowers, how long can they last if you are in a hot weather area?

Mariana - from Grand Prairie, TX

I made my own wedding cake 9 years ago and used Royal Icing to make drop flowers. That was the last time I needed Meringue Powder and have kept it in the refrigerator all this time. Is it still good after all this time?

Cat - from Huntingburg, IN

How long in advance can a fondant-covered cake, with buttercream crumb coat, be made and stored at room temperature?

Paula - from Pleasant Hill, CA

What is the difference between a cake box and plastic cake dome? Can cake domes be used in delivering cakes instead of cake boxes? Does humidity affect cake domes?

Mimi - from Charlotte, NC

Do icing colors go bad or spoil with age?

Susan - from Houston, TX

How do you transport ice cream cakes?

Peggy - from Tampa, FL

If I can’t get around to decorating a cake, can I store it in the freezer? If yes, what’s the best way to do this?

Isela - from Mexico City, Mexico

How long will a fondant bow keep? How far ahead can I make it?

Susan - from Naperville, IL

I baked cookies on Sunday. I have them on my table to prepare them for royal icing on Tuesday. The cookies are for Saturday. It’s ok if they are kept at room temperature?

Gretel - from Union City, NJ

Help! How do I transport the Choo Choo Train Cake which is on a cake board? I have to travel 85 miles by car with it.

Sylvia - from Lutz, FL

I just made a “trial” train cake (the real one will be made in July). Two questions: 1) What’s the best way to transport this cake by auto? 2) I found a strip of underbaked cake when I sliced it. The toothpick came out clean. What caused this?

Sylvia - from Lutz, FL

Where can I buy foam to transport cakes? When I call around, no one knows what I'm asking for.

Viv - from Lancaster, TX

Can I freeze leftover buttercream icing?

Brandy - from West Terre Haute, IN

When you use cream cheese in a frosting, can you then leave the frosted item out with no refrigeration?

Julie - from Southgate, MI

Nancy, can you freeze spritz cookies? I am having a cookie dough party and we are bringing rolls of homemade cookie dough to trade and then toss in our freezers.

Sheri - from Olathe, KS

How long can a fully iced and decorated cake stay in the freezer before the taste is affected?

Jeanne - from Connelly Springs, NC

I want to try to decorate a cake using Color Flow decorations. How do you store the Color Flow icing while the outline is crusting? I’m going to be using several colors. Do I prepare all the colors needed and try to keep them moist, or do I color as needed, and then how do I keep the icing moist?

Tina - from Cape Coral, FL

Hi! I wanted to know, how can I freeze cupcakes? Is it better to freeze them with or without the icing?

Paola - from Mexico City, Mexico

How many days in advance can I make cookies for a birthday party?

Dayn - from Missouri City, TX

When I store icing, is any container with cover good to use?

Diane - from Fall River, MA

I need to make a cake for a Saturday morning party. I will be making a pineapple butter cake, with a buttercream icing crumb coating, then covering the cake with fondant on Friday night. Should I keep it in the refrigerator over night?

Ashwini - from Middletown, CT

I need to bake four cheesecakes for my mom's birthday. I want to bake 2 days before the party. Can I freeze the cheesecakes, and if I can, are there guidelines for freezing?

Dawn - from Prophetstown, IL

After covering a cake with fondant, can I put it in the refrigerator? I have a cake covered with fondant and the filling is strawberry and whipped cream. What should I do?

Cassia - from Torrance, CA

I tried to freeze my leftover buttercream icing and after I defrosted it to use it, it had a funny taste. What is the best way to freeze buttercream icing?

Elizabeth - from Paris, KY

You said that freezing royal icing is not recommended. Why? What happens if you freeze it?

Ricki - from Redding, CA

I have two weddings coming up. I am trying to save money by making mints ahead of time. Do you have an easy recipe for mints that I can put into molds, with different colors, flavors and shapes thanks!

Sarah - from Nortonville, KS

How long does royal icing last, and can you freeze it?

Kim - from Suwanee, GA

How far in advance can cupcakes be made, decorated and stored before a baby shower?

Deborah - from Newark, DE

Is there anything I can do to make buttercream icing hold its shape better in warmer weather and for outdoor weddings?

Linda - from Keokuk, IA

Hi, Nancy, I love your show and I have just started cake decorating. I was wondering how long can I keep rolled fondant that has been tinted with different colors?

Bridget - from Marystown, MN

How long can I keep cakes iced with cream cheese icing at room temperature?

Sofia - from Guatemala, Guatemala

What is the best way to transport a stacked construction wedding cake with 4 or more levels?

Renee - from New Wilmington , RI

Can you freeze a cake that has already been covered with fondant?

Cari - from McPherson, KS

Is it better to put your freshly baked cake in the freezer right after it cools, before you put your first layer of icing on? Will this make it easier to ice your cake?

Brooke - from Madison, MS

When using fresh strawberries as a filling instead of preserves, how do you keep them from bleeding?

Shirley - from Chicago, IL

What is the best way to thaw a cake that has been frozen so that condensation does not form on the icing? How do you calculate the amount of time needed to thaw a cake?

Cheryl - from Downingtown, SC

What kind of fillings are safe to use for cakes that will be on display for several hours?

Melody - from Moorpark, CA

Where and how should I store Candy Melt™ candies? How long will the candies last?

Carmen Santos - from Cayey, Puerto Rico

After icing a cake, must I place the cake in the refrigerator or can I leave it out over night?

Theresa - from Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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