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Icing Colors Questions

How far in advance can you add color to white fondant and how long will it keep?

Jessie - from New York, NY

What type of food coloring should I use to color my spritz cookie dough?

Teri - from Omaha, NE

Why do you sometimes get an unappetizing taste from using red icing color?

Ellen Wiggins - from Houston, TX

Our local PBS station has stopped airing your show. How should i approach this? I really miss it.

linda - from sharpsville, PA

I want to know how to make any desired color if I have only green, yellow and red icing color. Please send me a chart for color blending.

Sharad - from Haridwar (India), Uttera Khand

How do you take Wilton butter cream and make it the color black using Wilton black food gel?

Jaclyn - from Chicago, IL

How long are the icing colors good for? I have had mine for about 5-6 yrs. I am not baking as much.

sherry - from hamilton, OH

I am making a cake for my grandson's Boy Scout blue and gold dinner. I am making a buttercream transfer which consists of blue and gold. I cant get the gold color I want. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

diane - from wurtsboro, NY

Could I use food coloring or other sorts of food dyes to put in plain, white frosting to put on my cupcakes?

Kristine - from Orange County, CA

Where can i purchase food paste color? Walmart, or does it have to be a baking store?

Rayleen - from Hayward, CA

I need icing in a pumpkin colour - how can I do this? Would like it to be cream cheese icing but not necessary. Thanks, Marion

Marion - from Ottawa, Ontario

Hello Nancy, I love your show... I was wondering how can I get a Silver o Gold Icing on my Fondant or Buttercream to decorate my cake...

Claudia Sandino - from Caracas, Venezuela

Can I use the regular icing colors to color candy melts? Thank you.

Jaye - from West Covina, CA

What is it to "spatula stripe" an icing bag?

Sheila - from Bronx, NY

Is Wilton Icing Color considered a paste color?

Bobbie - from Hemphill, TX

How can you keep lavender/purple icing from turning blue when exposed to the sun?

Eva - from Granite Bay, CA

Do icing colors go bad or spoil with age?

Susan - from Houston, TX

I've tried many different ways to get a true Wilton Christmas red but they all come out different hues of pink. What am i doing wrong? Please help...

Kathy - from Newark, NJ

I've been looking for flora satin waterproof ribbon to put at the bottom of each layer of my wedding cake and have been unable to find the color I need. (navy blue) I was wondering if I could use dark blue fondant instead? Will this bleed onto the white cake?

Leigh Ann - from Dallas, TX

Nancy, I can’t wait to try some of the many cake decorating techniques you have shown us. I notice that when I use butter or margarine in my buttercream icing, it has an ivory or off-white color. Can you help?

Jaimie - from Round Rock, TX

What icing colors do I mix to get grey icing?

Nannette - from Harrisburg, PA

How can I make my own colored icing and cakes?

Viola - from Bossier City, LA

How do I get a lilac color on the icing by mixing icing colors because I always get a dark purple?

Diana - from Aguascalientes, mexico

I am trying to make icing a maroon color. Any suggestions?

Heather - from Abbeville, LA

How can I achieve black fondant? When I color it, it turns grey.

Liz - from Soledad, CA

I love the show! It has gotten me more into baking and decorating. I make a semi-homemade Red Velvet Cake. My problem is, the more red food coloring I use, sometimes 2 ounces, the more the cake looks bright pink. What can I use for a true red color?

Audrey - from Milwaukee, WI

How do you get icing color off your fingers?

Peggy - from Ravenna, OH

Can I add food coloring to fondant?

Janeen - from Houston, TX

How do you color a cake mix?

Stacie - from Redfield, AR

My son wants a Spider-Man™ cake, but the red icing color has such a bitter taste (even the "No Taste" red). Do you have a suggestion on how to get rid of the bitterness? Also, when I put red icing color in white icing, it comes out pink. What can I do?

Cindy - from Joliet, IL

How can you tint classic buttercream icing ivory? My best friend wants her wedding cake to be cream colored – how can I get a true cream color?

Joanne - from N. Ridgeville, OH

How do you color spritz cookie dough? I'm most familiar with kneading the icing color into roll-out cookie dough, but won't kneading into the spritz dough make it too tough or too soft?

Melinda - from San Antonio, TX

Why am I getting white spots in my icing?

Syndy - from Bloomington, IN

How can I achieve a true red icing?

Gale - from Fayetteville, NY

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