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Rolled Fondant Questions

How do I get my fondant to stop cracking while I'm cutting into the cake?

Ramona - from Carlyle , Saskatchewan , Canada

How do I keep fondant soft once it is on a cupcake? Every time I make fondant and put on a cupcake it hardens. I want it so stay soft.

Darlene Myers - from Huntingtown, MD

I've seen pictures of 3D cakes where the fondant has a nice shine. How can I get that shine? My fondant always has a matte finish.

Paula - from Spartanburg, SC

Will fondant decorations stick to a cream cheese iced cake?

Velma - from Grand Tower, IL

Can I put fondant swags on a buttercream cake?

Julie - from Chico, CA

How do you get fondant decorations to stick to fondant cake?

Joyce - from Norwich, England

How far in advance can you add color to white fondant and how long will it keep?

Jessie - from New York, NY

What cake goes well with fondant?

Nazreen - from Dubai , UAE

How far in advance can you cover your cake in fondant?

Leonor - from California, CA

How can I paint a fondant cake with gold?

Leonor - from Oakland, CA

Can you fill and cover a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing THEN put fondant over the whole cake? If so, do I then have to refrigerate it? How long will it be alright for if left out of the fridge?


Can I make a fondant cake three days before the day of an event? If yes, how should I store it?

leonor cervantes - from Oakland, CA

The corners of my fondant covered square cakes often have cracks. How can I avoid this in the future?

Skye - from Melbourne , Australia

How long can you store a cake covered in store bought rolled fondant? I need to make a cake for a party, 17 days in advance.

Pearl - from Hesperia, CA

Can I use buttercream icing over fondant? Will the buttercream soften the fondant? I was planning on writing in buttercream on top of fondant.

Irean - from Nantucket, MA

I am making fondant flowers and hearts for a birthday cake, and the decorations are white from the powdered sugar. How do I get them glossy and shiny again?

Robin - from Johnson City, TN

Where do I find edible glucose for the fondant?

Laura - from Spotsylvania, VA

I am planning on making farm animal face cupcake toppers out of fondant and wanted to make them ahead of time. They are flat and will sit on top of the iced cupcakes. How far in advance can I make them and how should they be stored?

Jamie - from Nashville, IA

I have arthritis in my hands and have difficulty kneading gum paste. Can my stand mixer be used?

Jean - from Ellicott City, MD

I have a cake I made Thursday morning with crusted cream cheese covered with fondant. How long can I leave it out?

Raquel - from Bronx, NY

Our local PBS station has stopped airing your show. How should i approach this? I really miss it.

linda - from sharpsville, PA

How long can I store my fondant? It is homemade with marshmallows. Also, how do I exactly store it ?

Maha - from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Fondant is so costly to buy, so when doing cakes for customers I would prefer to use homemade fondant. When I make it, I have a problem with it tearing when I roll it out and try to place it on a cake. What suggestions do you have to get it to the right texture, or is it a recipe that you have that you can share?

crystica - from youngsvilles, NC

What is the difference between gum paste and fondant? Can you flavor them?

Rachel - from Houston, TX

Can you decorate all types of cakes with fondant icing or are there only certain types that work?

Joanna - from Melbourne, Victoria

How do you put fondant on a square cake? Thank you!

Ruth - from Glasgow, KY

Can I use a mixer instead of my hands to incorporate the color into my fondant?

cassie - from notonville, KS

I made fondant cutouts about 1 week before placing them on buttercream-iced cupcakes. I placed them against the piped buttercream so they were at an angle however they soon started to sag. I had to cut the tops off the cupcakes to make them completely flat. What did I do wrong? Should I have left the fondant cutouts to dry a lot longer or will fondant absorb moisture from buttercream icing no matter how hard the fondant cutouts are?

Lorraine - from Perth, Western Australia

Can i make bows using only fondant?

sapha - from Addu city, republic of maldives

How do you put fondant on a square cake? We are making this for a wedding in April and we want to get it right. Thank You. P.S. Love your shows.

Ruth - from Glasgow, KY

Where can I buy fondant? Or can I make it?

Deborah - from White Lake, MI

Hi Nancy. Can you tell me how to make butterflies using fondant or gum paste? I also want to add some jewels to it.

Uresha - from Vancouver,BC, Vancouver,BC

What is fondant made of?

jiena - from san pablo, CA

My son loves chocolate so I am using milk chocolate icing instead of buttercream - will it still help keep my chocolate fondant covering moist and yummy?

Rachel - from Cupertino, CA

Dear Nancy: I will be doing a small wedding cake iced in buttercream and plan to put fondant flowers on it the day before the wedding as it will be picked up instead of delivered. Will my fondant flowers go soft after sitting on the buttercream overnite and part of the next day and fall off the cake? Thanks for your website - it has great information.

Grace - from Troy, MI

Where can I buy fondant? I'm only 15 and love to decorate cakes.

Amirah - from Newark , NJ

I had a hard time trying to make a simple bow out of fondant for a birthday cake. It would not hold its shape, even when I put clear wrap inside of it to hold it up. How do get the bow to hold its shape? Should I use buttercream icing or cream cheese icing when using fondant?

Kate - from Parkers, MN

Hi Nancy! My family doesn't like the taste of fondant, so I was wondering if you can flavor fondant with those Wilton icing flavors?

Tabitha - from Tulsa, OK

Hello there! I am making a cake with fondant but I can't use buttercream or royal icing, as several of the guests are allegic to one or the other. What else could i use so that the fondant sticks to the cake?

nj - from misterton , england

Hi Nancy,I'm only 13 and i would like to know if you can put rolled fondant inside the fridge?

Ilazhia - from new york, NY

Hi Nancy - I will be making gumpaste cascading lily sprays for a 3 tier wedding cake. Would it be better to use fondant covered cakes to help hold the flower wires in place ? I'm afraid if I use buttercream, they may sag/slide or make indents in the icing. Please help ! Thanks !

Cathy - from Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Nancy! I have a question on how to make Fondant! I've tried making it but the result's didn't come out right! Also please tell me how to control it and make figures with it. Please answer back!!! Thank you.

Amada Sandoval - from Hayward, CA

1. Hello! Can cream cheese frosting filled cakes covered in fondant sit at room temp? If so, for how long? Can you give us examples of fillings that are considered “perishable” and examples of fillings that, when the cake’s covered in fondant, can sit out at room temp? Many thanks! Have a wonderful week ahead.

Heavenly Frostings - from North Hollywood, CA

What type of cake I should bake to make a fondant cake?

Tena - from Bahrain, NE

What is fondant?

Zaaynah Joomun - from Rose Hill, ME

I was making a pirate face birthday cake for my son and after crumb coating it, I forgot to let it harden. I just put the fondant on top of the cake. As I was continuing to decorate the cake I realised it had several air bubbles. Should i start all over again or should i just finish and eat it up?

zeinab - from mombasa, kenya

Hi Nancy, I was wondering if I can put buttercream frosting and then the fondant over my pre-made frozen cakes or do they have to thaw completely first?I wasn't sure if condensation may form underneath.

Sue - from China Twp, MI

Hello Nancy, I love your show... I was wondering how can I get a Silver o Gold Icing on my Fondant or Buttercream to decorate my cake...

Claudia Sandino - from Caracas, Venezuela

I'm baking a wedding cake covered with fondant what can I use to pipe dots and pearl border? help wedding is Aug. 5th 2011.

Linda - from Clarksburg, OH

Hi, I want to make fondant cut out like flowers and allow them to dry. How long can I keep the flowers before I put on the cake. Also if I have more flowers than I need, can I store them for future use (like the royal icing flowers, which can be stored for months)?

Sowmya - from Redmond, WA

I made marshmallow fondant and when I tried rolling it on a wilton mat it got stuck I put confectioner sugar on the mat and I wasn't able to peel it off the mat it got stuck like glue what can I do to avoid this?

Rosie - from Clermont , FL

What is the best way to adhere fondant decorations to buttercream icing?

Ellen - from Grand Junction, CO

Can I put fondant accents on a cake iced with Wilton Whipped Icing? Also, since this icing typically needs to be refrigerated, can I put a cake with fondant accents in the refrigerator?

Roseanne - from Syracuse, NY

I have decided to make for my mother a birthday cake with curls and flowers and I have come across with the fact that I have to use a 50/50 gum paste paste and fondant blend. If I do this,is it with the prepared gum paste ? Whats the difference if I use 100% marshmallow fondant? All the fondant I'm using is marshmallow fondant.

Ilse - from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Hi Nancy, how long does fondant last?

Sylvia - from Oakland, CA

How do I use a silicone mold to made fondant flowers?

Mary - from Kitty Hawk, NC

Nancy how do you make fondant taste worth eating! Its difficult to explain to everyone don't eat the top layer of the icing because it tastes terrible, looks great but how do you make it taste worth eating?

Linda - from Melbourne, FL

Is fondant safe to eat?

Jabriel - from Newark, NJ

Where do I find fondant or can I make it?

Judy - from Pana, IL

I am making a shower cake and am making fondant baby bottles and duckies, but was wondering how soon I can work on them? Can I make the fondant baby bottles and such a week in advance? And if so, how do I store them? Thank you for your help.

Alli - from Rockton, IL

How do you keep fondant from getting tough? I used small amounts of powdered sugar when rolling out the fondant and wonder if that could have done it. The cake turned out beautifully, however after cutting a piece, the fondant seemed dry and almost tough to cut with a fork. Do you have some suggestions?

Mary - from Rochester, MN

What is the difference between fondant and gum paste?

Jamie - from East Palestine, OH

Hi, I am a fan of your show and I’m just 14 years old. I would like to know, what is the best cake to use when decorating with fondant?

Irene - from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

How long in advance can a fondant-covered cake, with buttercream crumb coat, be made and stored at room temperature?

Paula - from Pleasant Hill, CA

Nancy, I love your show and my 10-year-old daughter and I tivo it and watch it on weekends so that we can bake your beautiful cakes together. My question: before you put your fondant on the cakes, most of the cakes appear powdered (on the show)… is this flour?

Kristin - from Sonoma, CA

If you use a chocolate buttercream to ice a cake, will it come through white fondant?

Tameka - from Orlando, FL

Is fondant the same as what they call in the UK marzipan? They look the same.

Laura - from Seville, Spain

How do you make the leaves on the Weeping Willow Cake stay on?

Lilli - from Atlanta, GA

Can fondant be restored to softness once it hardens? Can I try glycerine? Thank you Nancy, I love your show!

Janet - from Caguas, Puerto Rico

Why does my fondant sweat? It looks like it has water bubbles.

Lilian - from Port Harcourt, MD

I have not worked with fondant before and the cake my daughter wants is decorated with it. Can fondant be used on a layer cake made with boxed cake mix? I’ve seen you mention to use pound cake, but my daughter doesn’t like it. What should I do?

Tracy - from Durand , MI

My mom always made homemade candy using fondant, and I am now making it. I cook the mixture to soft ball stage, then let it cool a little before beating it until it turns white. Is the fondant for cakes and candy different?

Rich - from Sacramento, CA

How do I keep fondant moist while working with it?

Brianna - from Atlanta, GA

What type of icing is best for under fondant?

Zoe - from New Glarus, WI

Nancy, is it true that we can only use fondant on dry cakes, not on any ice cream cake or any cake that is humid, and that we can’t put the fondant away in the refrigerator?

Deanna - from Guanajuato, Mexico

I recently made my first batch of Marshmallow Fondant. What I’d like to know is how to get it to stiffen up like store-bought rolled fondant without hardening it too much. Is using cream of tartar or gum tex a good idea? Or do you have a better suggestion?

Sherese - from Chicago, IL

Nancy, I have read on here to not put fondant in the fridge. Does that mean when its on a cake or just anytime. I have leftover fondant from a cake I did last weekend and would like to use it for decorations for my cake this weekend. It has been in the fridge ever since in double wraped plastic. Is it still safe to use? Thank you!

Maegan - from Dallas, TX

I've been looking for flora satin waterproof ribbon to put at the bottom of each layer of my wedding cake and have been unable to find the color I need. (navy blue) I was wondering if I could use dark blue fondant instead? Will this bleed onto the white cake?

Leigh Ann - from Dallas, TX

When you make your fondant strips for bows how do you get them to stay up, mine fall down.

Helen - from Charleston, WV

how do i keep fondant from drying out while working with it?

stan - from Alexandria, KY

I recently made my first batch of Marshmallow Fondant. Wonderful stuff, but it had a somewhat grainy texture when I tasted it. Any suggestions for a smoother texture?

Jaimie - from Round Rock, TX

How long will a fondant bow keep? How far ahead can I make it?

Susan - from Naperville, IL

I would rather cover a cake in modeling chocolate than rolled fondant. Has it been done? If so, what recipe would you use?

Rachael - from St. Augustine, FL

When I make flowers out of fondant, do I let them dry at room temperature or in the refrigerator? I tried it once and the flowers dried then got soft again.

Natalie - from Columbia, MD

What types of cakes hold up best for fondant?

Lisa - from Janesville, WI

Nancy, I was wondering, when making a fondant-covered cake, do you cool the cake, crumb coat it then cool it, or what?

Catie - from Orlando, FL

When un-stacking my fondant cake to cut it, the fondant on the bottom tier sticks to the cardboard on the top tier. How can I prevent this?

Monica - from Burton, OH

I have a coloring book page that I want to transfer the pattern and cut it out of fondant, then lay it on the cake. Please help!

Macy - from Mount Vernon, WA

I see the ingredient glucose in the fondant recipe, but when I search for it, it is not listed anywhere. In what form do I use glucose? Can you help?

Marge - from Galva, IL

I watch people making amazing wedding cakes on TV all the time and see how much they work with fondant. How do you color the fondant, and what do you use for the crystals on flower petals?

Jessica - from Alamogodro, NM

How do I get rid of the air bubbles when I’m making marshmallow fondant? Any way to prevent it from getting into my fondant from the start?

Reem - from Dubai, U.A.E

How can I achieve a smooth finish on the sides of a layer cake when covering it with Ready to Use Rolled Fondant?

Sarra - from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I am just starting to make fondant-covered tiered wedding cakes. I recently made a tiered cake and noticed that the bottom tier started to sag. I used plastic dowels for stronger support. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Pamela - from Fremont, CA

How do you measure the appropriate thickness of fondant?

Rose - from lome, Togo

After you have applied a layer of fondant on a cake, how do you get the sugar/cornstarch marks off and make the true color come through?

Brenda - from Lawrenceville, GA

Besides the Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother, is there any other way to smooth out fondant?

Connie - from Alameda, CA

Can I use buttercream icing to place dried fondant cutouts on a fondant covered cake?

Kim - from Mississauga, OK

I am planning to do a cake for my sister's baby shower. I really want to do a lady bug cake to match her invitations and everything else using fondant but have never used that before. Any tips?

Elizabeth - from Seattle, WA

I need to make a cake for a Saturday morning party. I will be making a pineapple butter cake, with a buttercream icing crumb coating, then covering the cake with fondant on Friday night. Should I keep it in the refrigerator over night?

Ashwini - from Middletown, CT

How do I get the fondant on a cake perfectly flat? Wouldn't it cause creases if you keep pushing it down?

Jael - from Seattle , WA

After covering a cake with fondant, can I put it in the refrigerator? I have a cake covered with fondant and the filling is strawberry and whipped cream. What should I do?

Cassia - from Torrance, CA

How can I achieve black fondant? When I color it, it turns grey.

Liz - from Soledad, CA

I understand that buttercream seems to be the most popular base for fondant covered cakes. However, can I use whipped chocolate ganache? What alternatives are there?

Anita - from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Can I flavor fondant? What would I use?

Jeannie - from Carlisle, IA

Hi Nancy. I was wondering if there is a product that could be used in home made fondant that would have the same effect as gum tex in store bought fondant. I always find that my fondant is too soft for cut outs and will not dry the same as store bought.

Bridget - from Marystown, Newfoundland/Labrador

Is there a difference between fondant and gum paste? If so, can gum paste be worked with the same as fondant?

Jen - from Norfolk, VA

Hi, Nancy. How can I soften fondant?

Tracy - from Newport News, VA

I'd like to add fondant stars to a cake to make it look like they're shooting off the cake. Any safe ways you can think of to add these stars to a fondant-covered cake?

Karen - from S.F., NY

Nancy, can I use buttercream icing on a cake, then add a fondant bow without covering the cake in fondant?

Cathey - from Camden, AR

How do I stick fondant cutouts to fondant covered cakes?

Maria - from Doral, FL

After tinting fondant black, it fell apart when I tried to put it on a Styrofoam cake dummy. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Shirley - from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Can I add food coloring to fondant?

Janeen - from Houston, TX

Is it ok to eat fondant icing?

Whitney - from Crookston, MN

When I cover a cake with fondant, I have excess fondant, like a ruffle, as I get near the base of the cake. How do I get rid of the excess and create smooth, seamless sides?

Kathy - from Wichita, KS

Hi, Nancy, I love your show and I have just started cake decorating. I was wondering how long can I keep rolled fondant that has been tinted with different colors?

Bridget - from Marystown, MN

How do I smooth out the fondant – no seams – on my fondant-covered cakes?

Lisa - from East Brunswick, NJ

Can I ice my cake with whipped cream before covering with fondant?

Sanaz - from Tehran, Iran

What is the appropriate thickness fondant should be rolled to when covering cakes?

Jenn - from Charlotte, NC

How do you make apricot glaze? And, how can I keep the fruit looking fresh on the top of my cake?

Kim - from Sugarland, TX

When you prepare your cake with buttercream icing before covering with fondant, how thick should the icing be?

Cynthia - from Durham, NC

What do you put into Rolled Fondant to make it stiff enough to hold the shape of a bow? Also, can fondant ribbon roses or other decorations be added to cakes frosted with buttercream icing?

Julie - from El Mirage, AZ

I am making a cake for my mother's upcoming 50th birthday party and I need to make black fondant. I know with icing to use chocolate and then dye that black but what do you do with fondant to make it black? Please help.

Sandra - from Parlin, NJ

What do I mix with food color to make a brush on color for fondant that dries to the touch?

Delilah - from Kerrville, TX

What is fondant? Can I make it myself?

Louise - from Machipongo, VA

When making a fondant-covered cake, can I use pound cake and another cake mix together to get a cake that will hold up to the weight of the fondant and taste good?

Lisa - from Shallotte , NC

I saw a recipe for fondant adhesive. What is it used for and how?

Diana - from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

I have trouble getting the fondant onto a cake that is more than 10 inches wide. I try wrapping it around the rolling pin, but it always has stretched spots and breaks.

Laurie - from Winnipeg, ME

What is the difference between fondant and buttercream icing?

Angela - from Lansing, MI

When making fondant bows, the loops on my bows tend to break easily, how can I prevent this?

Diane - from Tyrone, PA

Do I need to ice my cake before I put on fondant?

Jennifer - from New York, NY

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